Mental Health in Product w/ Andrew Neufeld (Alongside You)

June 12, 2021 ProductBC Season 1 Episode 4
Mental Health in Product w/ Andrew Neufeld (Alongside You)
Show Notes

Today’s topic is a big one as we slowly start to come out of our year of living through a pandemic - mental health. Specifically, what sort of mental health advice can we offer to those working in product or tech?

In any given year, one in five people in Canada will experience a mental health problem or illness. By age 40, about 50 percent of the population will have or have had a mental illness.

I’m joined by Andrew Neufeld, co-founder and registered clinical counsellor at Alongside You, a Ladner-based integrated health agency. Together, we talk through a lot of the buzzwords, difficulties, tools, and advice on managing yourself or others through trying times. This is ProdcastBC.

Episode Notes

  • [0m] Episode Intro Overview
  • [1m 1s] Introductions with Andrew
  • [3m 25s] Observations on the mental health of tech workers over the past pandemic year
  • [9m 48s] Thoughts on the rise of virtual health (remote) and mental health apps
  • [16m 23s] Discussion and advice on "Imposter Syndrome"
  • [21m 9s] Being "Always On" and "Work-Life Balance"
  • [29m 30s] How to best deal with change and ambiguity in tech and product
  • [36m 24s] Advice for people managers to help their teams
  • [40m 53s] Tips on how to look out for people who might be struggling
  • [45m] Closing Thoughts