Breaking into Product & Design w/ Leah Maestri (Microsoft)

November 05, 2021 ProductBC Season 2 Episode 5
Breaking into Product & Design w/ Leah Maestri (Microsoft)
Show Notes

We’re back with Season 2 of ProdcastBC after a few months away. We’re doing things a little bit differently with new co-host Piyali Dey and a seasonal theme on “Breaking into Product”. 

For this first episode of the new season, we chat with Leah Maestri (Product Designer at Microsoft) to unravel her journey into Product Design and lessons learned along the way.

Episode Notes

  • [0m] Episode Introduction
  • [0m 40s] Introducing Piyali & Discussion on Breaking into Product
  • [4m 5s] Introducing Leah Maestri & her starts in Product & Design
  • [6m 1s] Pivoting towards Product Design 
  • [10m 45s] The question that transformed my practice -- “How can I help?”
  • [13m 30s] Lessons in Collaboration w/ PMs -- Lend a hand
  • [18m 20s] Focus on your colleagues (in addition to your customers)
  • [19m 30s] Advice for those starting out in Design/Product
  • [21m 15s] Closing Thoughts from Leah
  • [22m 5s] Final Comments